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SHREE BEERA BARJEE MANDIR 'Shree Beera Barjee Mandir' is an ancient Temple of Goenkas' Kuldevis:

1. Shree Beera Dadiji;
2. Shree Barjee Dadiji and Shree Barjal Dadiji.

3. Shree Beera Dadiji was born in the Hindu Year Vikram Samvat (V.S.) 1337, i.e. 1280 A.D., on Sharad Purnima day at Taranagar, Rajasthan. She married Shri Mangalram Goenka ji of Bapura, Nr. Hisar, Haryana, in V.S. 1353 on Jyesth Shukla 5. She became 'Jyotirgmaya' in V.S. 1353 on Bhadrapad Krishna 14.

4. Shree Barjee Dadiji was born in V.S. 1624, i.e. 1567 A.D., on Chaitra Shukla 9 at Sikar, Rajasthan. She married Shri Nandram Goenka ji of Fatehpur, Rajasthan in V.S. 1645, after demise of his 1st wife Barjal Dadiji. She became 'Jyotirgmaya' in V.S. 1665 on Ashwin Shukla 8. 'Shree Beera Barjee Mandir' at Fatehpur, Rajasthan came up in V.S. 1665, i.e. 1608 A.D. 'Shree Beera Barjee Dadijis' are Goenkas' Kuldevis and are worshipped as such by all the Goenkas on all occasions, especially at the time of Births, Marriages and likes in the Families 12:59 PM